This is a mirror for the website, , continuing my previous site, that I started while living in Italy. It will soon be
translated. I have included a list of some of my papers, some photographs with spiritual, (a catalogue of major medieval European buildings) sublime and
 harmonious dimensions, with related archeological contexts (a list of European castles). There are also some photos of light which are connected
to a series of scientific experiments.The main page of curveline can be found here (more information on medieval art). The following version of my book
is in prepublished format, and may alter slightly in the meantime;  Christian Geometry:The Geometry of Light. It is a precursor to a forthcoming one, about
Physics. If you would like to find out more about my work, my name is Tristram de Piro and you can write, or send me an email, I would be very happy
to receive any comments or suggestions. Any donations made towards the upkeep and development of this research would be greatly appreciated. I am
also interested in religious history and Neo-Gothic architecture in the USA and Britain. I tutor undergraduate or A-level mathematics, physics and chemistry
 online via  Skype, this is my card, please contact me if you are interested in lessons. I'm starting a page on medieval painting and sculpture and a page on

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